SELETAR PARK type . residential place . Singapore area . 646 SQFT year . 2016 photo . Tai Heng text . Don Foong

" This random day, the couch was my refuge, where I did my reading. Took a short break, and stared up the high ceiling ”

“ Another random day, up and down the long spaces, I was just strolling. Felt the stillness amongst the dark shades; something's missing ”

“ Just yesterday, the paintings, the flowers – became my focus of attention. A vision of you sitting here; I missed your touch of affection ”

“ Randomly today, thoughts of my most perfect home, they drive me insane. Dear one, I only want to know – will I ever see you again..."



Wing Lux Sofa at Living room, by Conde House - Available at Grafunkt

Luna floor Lamp at Living room, by Lambert & Fils - Available at Inhabitant.sg

Rivet Coffee Table at Living room, by Jottergoods - Available at Inhabitant.sg

Afteroom Chair at Living room, by Menu - Available at Grafunkt

Tilt Suspension Lamp at Master bedroom, by jjoo Design - Available at Inhabitant.sg

Dome Table Lamp at Living room, by Tom Bracher - Available at Inhabitant