Venice Biennale 2018
Venice Biennale 2018 type . commercial place . ITALY area . 50 SQ FT year . 2018 photo . 0932 DESIGN CONSULTANTS

Our 1st International Architectural Exhibition in Europe. European Cultural Center presented “ Time Space Existence, a collateral exhibition of 2018 Venice Biennale of Architecture. Together with many international architects, designers, photographers and sculptors, we are invited to showcase our works to the world. “Time Space Existence is open to public at Palazzo Mora , Venice, Italy from 26th May through 25th November 2018.

The warmth of the sun, The scent of a fresh brew, The quiet of a lover, still in sweet slumber. The sight of the previous night's work laid out on the table, The fleeting desire to sleep in extinguished, with a tingle of excitement for what's to come,


It's 0932 in the morning and it's all coming together quite nicely